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Why choose Alpha worldwide movers as your moving partner? Our relocation process consists of 3 easy vital steps. They are; preparing to move, move day and arrival. It is always troublesome and never easy relocating on your own. Why not let us deal with the necessary headaches while you sit back and enjoy your new environment the stress-free way.

  1. Survey and Estimation
    • Our Alpha consultant will be at your doorstep to provide you with a pre-move survey estimate for the volume of your items.
  2. Explanation
    • Our consultant will then explain the whole relocation process to you and attend to your questions and give some easy technique of moving ideas.
  3. Quotation
    • A quotation will be provided to you once the estimation is completed.
  4. Confirmation
    • After the confirmation of agreement, we will assign a team of Alpha movers led by a professional consultant to assist and guide you through the entire relocation process.
    • We also will deliver quality packing materials to ease the customers.
  1. ALPHA Mover
    • They will set aside items that require moving to ensure that your packing and loading takes place smoothly.
  2. Packing Technique
    • For maximum protection of your fragile items, our Alpha movers are trained to use special techniques and premium packing materials.
  3. Loading
    • Shipping and the transportation of your goods and valuables is the most crucial part in moving. But our trusted and experienced truck load drivers will ensure you that all your belongings were safely and properly loaded, placed intact and will be carefully loaded to specific loading vans or trucks of your choice and will be safely driven out to your new address. This man have undergone intensive training making them license and fully satisfied commercial truck load drivers.
  1. Responsibility
    • Our professional movers will unload your valuable belonging with carrying and securely on your door steps.
  2. Handling
    • When your belongings reached your door step, our movers will placed gently your belonging at your requested places.
  3. Unpack
    • We will unpack all your valuable items as per-requirement.
  4. Tools and Equipment
    • We will use our special tools and equipment to make your move easier and secure.
  5. Additional Services
    • For you to settle down at your new home easier and quicker, we also provide additional services such as the handyman service, maid service and valet unpacking service.
    • For further information on additional services, you may visit our services page.

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